HTML Email Development

HTML Emails are Finally Responding to Responsiveness

HTML email technology has been around for some time, but in spite of this has always struggled to keep up with its browser based variant. But thanks to mobile devices becoming more ubiquitous, the technology necessary to accommodate our daily needs in a mobile environment has come along quite a bit in all departments.

Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.

Working in a creative agency and industry, ideas aren't too hard to come by. Each person has their own way of thinking through everyday tasks, which is taken into idea generation, whether it is for a professional purpose or from a mere conversation with friends. Ideas are not a limited resource that will vanish into thin air as soon as you think of one. They may not be as original and revolutionary as you may like, but they will not stop coming. The possibilities all around us at all times reveal areas of opportunity that can be so valuable and interesting when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Face it, the web is a medium like no other


Let me tell you a story. Back in the Summer of 2003, four graduates started up a web design company having met through Manchester’s Universities. With a ramshackle setup consisting of ex-school desks (complete with the kind of grey/brown drawers you’d expect to find sticklebricks and dried up felt-tips in), four very questionable-looking PCs, a single cordless phone and a 56k modem, it was about as lo-fi as a start-up can get. That was how it all began for Evolutia.

A Day at Expo North West

Expo North West

Last week I ventured out of the office – don’t worry, it’s not something I do often and I was very careful – and took a trip to Burnley for Expo North West, which was being held at Turf Moor. I’m always happy to learn something new from other experts to increase my knowledge and what I can add to the team and clients, and I’m not one to pass up such opportunities!

My Training week


The team at Evolutia is made up of people from different backgrounds and specialities, each with their own unique skills and abilities that help bring great results to our clients. We also want to make sure there are opportunities for new people to break into what is already a competitive industry and we have two apprentices who are learning about what we do as well as attending structured training through their assessor. Here's Irram's account of her training last week.

Can Perfection Really Get In The Way?


Last week I was booked in to do a tutorial presentation for the office on software we’ll be using to keep our processes well documented. During the course of putting this presentation together I found myself constantly antagonising over the most minor details, setting myself back in both time and motivation. It’s something that catches the best of us out, committing to an excessive pre-drafting routine that gets in the way of progress.

Link Auditing and Removal


A long time ago there were no rules to back linking. Website owners would use automated tools to gain links anywhere they could, often on dodgy directories in order to gain a high position ranking on search engine results. This meant search results sourced out low-quality websites which were not ideal for the users.

As a result of this, Google tightened its guidelines on backlinks and introduced penalties for Webmasters who were doing the wrong thing – leaving many websites with a large amount of link auditing and removal to undertake (unlucky for them).

Here, I’m going to talk about link audits, the removal process and how it is done.

The Real Value of Social – Part 2


If you’ve forgotten, remind yourself of the first part of this blog here. We touched upon goals, attitudes and metrics and now we’ll move on to platforms, tools and audiences to make sure you have the complete picture.

Relevance of the latest Top Level Domains


Everyone knows about Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .COM, .ORG and .NET, as well as the country specific (ccTLDs) .UK, .DE (Germany) and .FR (France). The .COM is by far the most popular used and as such there is very little chance of getting a short memorable domain name, at least without spending a fortune.

“What to avoid in an SEO agency”


The less internet savvy amongst us may not be fully aware of the pitfalls that working with a dangerous SEO agency can do to your website, but here at Evolutia we take our role very seriously. With our latest blog post, we disscuss some of the areas which you will want to avoid when working with an SEO team...

Top AdWords Features Of 2014 You Should Be Using


Anyone who uses AdWords on a regular basis will know that Google is constantly making changes and improvements to its system. Barely a month goes by without Google adding something new to help you get the most from your advertising spend and this year has been no different. Here are some of the features introduced in 2014 that you should be using…

How online PR is important for SEO

pr seo

If you’re aware of the power that PR creates but you are unsure about how it can benefit you’re SEO campaign, here’s a few reminders why you should consider including PR into your future business strategies…

How it feels to be a digital marketing intern by Irram Shah


Following up from our last post in which our very own digital marketing intern Romy discussed her experience in the role, we thought we'd give our other intern a chance to share her thoughts. Since joining us in the summer, Irram has played a pivitol role in our marketing department alongside Romy and today she would like to give you all an insight into her developments...

My experience as a digital marketing apprentice by Romy Ashton


Yesterday we posted about our two new interns which arrived at the start of the summer and how exciting the last few months has been with them in the team. As such, we thought we'd give both Romy and Irram the chance to discuss how they feel their experiences have been since starting the apprenticeship with their very own blog posts! Today we will take a look at Romy and her development...

Putting the "intern" into "internet" - meet our newest recruits!


This summer we were incredibly excited to welcome two interns to the Evolutia squad, arriving in the shape of Romy and Irram. Thrown straight into the deep end of the marketing department, both have been hard at work and have already made themselves valuable assets to the team, with the pair adding a mixture of new and exciting ideas along the way.

An Invite to Google Partners: Accelerate!

Google Dublin

We’re excited to announce that Evolutia is one of the select partner agencies invited to the Google Partners: Accelerate event in December, at their European headquarters in Dublin! This is a fantastic opportunity to find out just what is happening in the industry with one of the biggest names of the internet: Google. The event takes place on the 8th and 9th of December, so it’s going to be a busy month in the run up to Christmas.